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Web Design Phoenix offers simple and cost effective way to build, maintain and update website. Using various content management tools like Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla use provide easy solutions to manage the content of your webpage Even if you don’t have programming knowledge, we give you easy solutions to manage the content of a webpage. If you want to keep your webpage alive contact us at Web Design Phoenix.

Web Design Phoenix offers 2 kinds of CMS solutions. Standard open source and a unique indigenous professional CMS solutions Created by DESSS.

Standard open source: This is the most cost effective, extensive that give you complete control of publishing, creating, organizing, marketing and managing the contacts of the website.

Professional CMS by DESSS: This unique CMS can be customized according to the complexity of the business and the customer’s requirement. It is very easy to install, more secured and a professional user interface.

The key features of CMS are:

  • Creates and modify content according to requirement
  • Very easy to understand.
  • User friendly for better SEO.
  • Helps in adding more WebPages.
  • Can be easily maintained.
  • Helps you to post blogs and articles using various tools.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Adds components like news, polls, calendar events, and newsletter.
  • Uses extensive reports to measure popularity of the content.

At Web Design Phoenix, we provide a flexible, user friendly Content Management System that would make web page management very easy and enjoyable. Call us 480-467-3186 for further information.

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