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Blackberry Game Development Phoenix

BlackBerry Smartphone are not just for business. As it turns out, the BlackBerry is for gaming, too. BlackBerry is a very stable Java ME development platform and it is highly reliable and stable networked platform.

The aspect of game development on BlackBerry is the stability of the platform, quality of development resources and the consistency across all BlackBerry platforms to effectively work from a common code base.

BlackBerry Game Developers at phoenix understand that not only tools are sufficient to develop high quality BlackBerry game applications, but they skillfully use the Java development environment to add fun to your BlackBerry mobile games. Our BlackBerry Game Developers/Programmers are proficient in using the BlackBerry platform taking advantage of its features and stability to develop rich multimedia 2D and 3D games and media playing applications.

Salient features:

  • Spectacular graphics and simple interface
  • Grandmaster rated AI with multiple difficulty level
  • Piece customization and statistics
  • Integration with Enterprise applications
  • Touch screen application
  • Mobile games and websites.

We have highly experienced team of software professionals to service our clients. Our goal is to ensure each project is executed on time, on budget, and in line with customer objectives. For further information Call Us today or log in to our website.


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